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Keylogger Builder For Windows : Cortex Keylogger Download

keylogger is a hardware device or a software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press.

Use Cases for a Keylogger

Keyloggers are used in Information Technology (IT) organizations to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and business networks. Keyloggers can also be used by a family (or business) to monitor the network usage of people without their direct knowledge; they are sometimes used as part of home parental controls.
Finally, malicious individuals may use keyloggers on public computers to steal passwords or credit card information.

What Information a Keylogger Can Collect

The capabilities of keyloggers vary, but when installed on a device they can generally do the following:
  • capture any passwords entered by users on the device
  • take screen captures of the device at periodic intervals
  • record the URLs that were visited via Web browsers, and possibly also take screen captures of the Web pages viewed
  • record a list of the applications run by users on the device
  • capture logs of all instant messaging (IM) sessions
  • capture copies of sent emails
  • automatically send the reports containing stored logs and emails to a remote location (by email, FTP or HTTP).

 Keylogger Building Application: Cortes Keylogger

How To Build Keylogger?

Link To Youtube: Click Here
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Download World Most Trusted Kaspersky Antivirus For Free For A Year

Kaspersky has been in the news quite a lot recently, a few days ago we have seen Trump administration had dismissed Kaspersky firm two lists of approved vendors chosen by government agencies to obtain technology equipment.

The new free antivirus tool from Kaspersky is available globally. The founder of Kaspersky, Eugene Kaspersky, said that Canada, US, and numerous Asia Pacific countries can access the free software immediately, and the global rollout will continue within few months.

The launch of free version coincides with Kaspersky Labs’s 20th birthday.

Download The Antivirus For Free Now

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University Physics For Intermediate Education Students [ Download PDF Free] - ADB post

University Physics is the name of a two-volume physics textbook written by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman. The first edition of University Physics was published by Mark Zemansky and Francis Sears in 1949. Hugh Young became a coauthor with Sears and Zemansky in 1973. Now in its 14th edition, University Physics is among the most widely used introductory textbooks in the world.

Src: Wikipedia
Originally published: 1949
Preceded by: Study Guide to Accompany University Physics, Hugh D. Young, Eighth Edition
Followed by: Sears and Zemansky's University Physics
Genre: Physics
Publisher: Pearson
Authors: Francis W. Sears, Hugh D. Young, Roger A Freedman, Mark Zemansky

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Ncell को नयाँ अफर -'One Plan' : Shouldn't Miss It

Ncell ले  बजारमा साप्ताहिक कम्बो प्याक अफर 'One Plan'   ल्याएको छ | 
यो अफर  जून १५ बाट लागू भैसकेको छ | यो अफर सबै एनसेलले प्रीपेड र पोस्टपेड ग्राहकहरुक लागि लागू हुन्छ।

The users can dial *17123# and press 4 to activate the combo pack offer. Each plan is valid for 7 days from activation and all rates are inclusive of taxes.

केही जनकारीहरू :-
  1. One Plan 150: Rs. 150/week: 500 MB + 100 minutes + 200 SMS + free music 
  2. One Plan 300: Rs. 300/week: 1500 MB + 300 minutes + 600 SMS + free music
  3. One Plan 500: Rs. 500/week: 3000 MB + 600 minutes + 1200 SMS + free music
 यी तीनमध्य कुनै  एक योजना खरीद गरेको ग्राहकहरुले Ncell को Yonder Music app बाट  निःशुल्क असीमित संगीत सुन्न पाउनु हुनेछ |
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एनसेलले 1GB निःशुल्क डाटा सहित 4G सेवा सुचारु गर्यो ( पोखरा र अन्य सहरमा पानी छिटै सुचारु हुने )

Japan Started Trial Of 5G system in Tokyo and rural areas ahead of Olympic Games 2020

TOKYO – Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has recently started a trial of a 5G system in Tokyo and rural areas, as the Asian nation aims to launch fifth generation commercial technology services in 2020.
According to Yukihiko Okumura, the leader of the 5G Mobile Communications Promotion Forum Japan’s 5G Trial Promotion Group (5G-TPG), these trials are expected to continue for the next three years, in the run up to commercial launches in Japan in 2020.
The communication ministry will meet with private-sector companies this year to discuss development of 5G technologies, The Japan News reported.
NTT Docomo, KDDI, and SoftBank, the three biggest carries in Japan, are expected to participate, as are Panasonic, Sharp, and Fujitsu, manufacturers of handsets and base stations. Docomo has already started conducting R&D in 5G.
According to the ministry plan, 5G is set to be approximately 100 times faster than LTE, most commonly used in Japan right now, and ten times faster than 4G. Carriers will begin offering 4G service around 2016 using spectrum, which will be allocated later this year.
More than 40 related utilisation projects have been proposed by members of the 5G Trial Promotion Group.
The body has summarised all the proposed utilisation projects in six use cases including Entertainment, which stipulates the use of the emerging technology for stadiums, event sites, theme parks and sightseeing areas; Security and Disaster Defense, which will include the deployment of surveillance and security systems; Logistics, Agriculture, Office and Factory; Remote Control and Surveillance of Robot and Drone; Connected Cars and Automated Driving and High-Speed Moving Vehicles.
Europe, China, South Korea and other countries are also rushing to commercialise 5G technologies – key problems remain interference and ensuring consistent performance delivery of large amounts of data. No nation has decided with standard to adopt as of yet.
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NASA announces to launch world’s first ever mission to Sun next year

WASHINGTON – NASA is going to launch its first ever mission to the sun next year to explore the star’s atmosphere and get answers about solar physics that have confused scientists for over six decades.
The Parker Solar Probe has been named after pioneering astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who predicted the existence of the solar wind nearly 60 years ago, the US space agency announced at University of Chicago’s William Eckhardt Research Center on Wednesday.
The probe will travel at the speed of more than 430,000 miles per hour (the equivalent of traveling from New York to Tokyo in less than a minute) and be seven times closer to the sun than any previous spacecraft.
 NASA has planned to use advanced material technologies to reach the sun’s outermost atmosphere. This area’s temperature measures around 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.
The information received through the probe mission will help in forecasting space weather that will be useful for satellites, astronauts and the Earth.

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